Faerie Araneae (Spider Fairy)

This being the second post in the Operation: reDRAW series…

Last time I showed you an image of a not-so-proportionally correct faery. BUT, I liked the clothes, position and even attitude (altitude) of the drawing. So, here it is in a more refined/finished drawing. The photoshop painting is slowly coming along and I may show you a pre-finished version soon. (I did some brief research on Faery lore and I’m re-writing it as I go) Oddly enough, I watched the trailer for Epic yesterday, which looks to have some potential similarities with my ideas, although I don’t know that they call these tiny humanoids faeries or not. Nothing new under the sun I guess… See the caption for a description of the Faery Araneae.

Check out facebook to see some other sketches that are eligible for the O.R. (Operation: reDRAW).

Faery Araneae Spider Fairy

Faery Araneae in “free” attire, spider hair woven garments covered in light webbing. ~ These fae, while not overly fond of war are extremely capable warriors. They are very devoted to their charges yet are often forced to battle them for their own safety. Daily skirmishes also arise with the Faery Insectum for obvious reasons. F. Araneae worship the Creator in a quiet solemn fashion, with humility and extraordinary gratitude.

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